SQLBits Session Review: Designing for simplification. Rob Farley

I turned up expecting a talk on SQL versus SQLCLR (I thought this may unearth some good arguments on why I should ever consider using the later) but this  had been replaced by Rob’s Designing for simplification and it turned out to be  one of my favourite sessions from SQLBits 09.

After starting the talk by demonstrating a true gift for languages by speaking a little but near perfect, Welsh (he must have had some home tutoring!) Rob took us through a number of techniques that allow the query optimiser to do its job and magically removed those pesky expensive plans.

Rob discusses some of these on his blog:-

Redundant joins

Understanding unique indexes and group by

I have recently been involved in a project where the design of a reporting database consisted of a layered structure of queries (sp’s, views, functions).  His design tips challenged a number of our ideas and meant I took away many valuable techniques just from this quick hour long session.

Those of you who know Rob Farley will know he’s a funny guy with an enormous armoury of shockingly bad jokes.  I quite like bad jokes so found that this complimented his laid back presentation style and made for a very entertaining and engaging session.

Thanks Rob.


3 responses to “SQLBits Session Review: Designing for simplification. Rob Farley

  1. Have now completed the set… my blog post about procedural functions is at http://msmvps.com/blogs/robfarley/archive/2009/12/05/dangers-of-begin-and-end.aspx

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